MH Dry Systems

Eco friendly less space occupying MH Dry Systems cloth line ceiling mounted dryer fulfill a comprehensive and convenient way of hanging your colts in space that do not have floor space MH Dry Systems cloth line are made of stainless steel…

MH Dry Systems Clothesline Drying System is a packed box of features mainly: MH Dry Systems PULLEY CLOTH DRYING HANGERS Usage of heavy-duty stainless steel pipes, which offers high tolerance towards heavy wet clothes. It can accommodate more drying space, in less area which is a perfect blend with your ceiling. In the conventional cloth drying system, clothes are damaged in color and life span by the excessive exposure to sun and dust. But whereas MH Dry Systems indoor cloth drying system enables the drying of your clothes using the ceiling temperature in turn protecting its color. An Indoor hanger comes in different variations comprising 2 lines, 4 lines & 6 lines individually adjustable drying Stainless Steel rods. The product is available in different lengths like 5ft, 6 ft, 7ft, 8ft, and universal width of 2feet.

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